Help Your Patients Get Started on WAKIX

Prescribing WAKIX

WAKIX is available through a select group of specialty pharmacies.

To get your patients started

  • Complete the WAKIX Prescription Referral Form. The diagnosis (ICD-10) codes for narcolepsy are included on the prescription referral form:

    • G47.411 Narcolepsy with cataplexy
    • G47.419 Narcolepsy without cataplexy

  • Fax the completed form to WAKIX for You at 1-855-635-8520.

  • WAKIX for You will contact your patient directly to help him or her get started with WAKIX.

Copay Program

Eligible patients may pay as little as a $0 copay on their WAKIX prescription.*

*This offer is only valid for patients with commercial (nongovernment-funded) insurance. Additional terms and conditions apply.

News and More About WAKIX

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